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The fact that a state actually passed a law saying it was okay to bully LGBT student because it was ‘religious freedom' is a lot like saying 'it's okay to bully anyone because you have a opinion that they are lesser than you.'. Bullying is bullying, no matter who the victim is and why you feel the need to make a person feel inadequate for something they most of the time can not change.
The fact women feel the need to move out of the way of men, like they can only take up one seat on the bus, should only speak when spoken too, should believe they’re opinion have less value, make less money doing the same job as any man, have to raise children on their own, and get called bitches and feminazis when trying to explain why they believe they are equal is a lot like saying ‘you drew the short stick because you don’t have a stick between your legs now live a life where you aren’t as great as that person because you’re not a male.’. Women and men should be treated no different.
The fact that when a girl who was HIV+ was raped people dared to say she should have told her rapist proves why this world is corrupt and evil and why people like me are necessary. When the article was released people said HIV+ women should wear a band or special underwear so men can know. Before a man has sex with a women she should have the opportunity to tell him she is HIV+ or they shouldn’t be having sex.
People believe white straight males are who should make decisions for an entire country of diverse people who have such different beliefs and lifestyles. This is why we need equality. This is why we need freedom from the corrupted system. 

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everytime I see this post it has an even amount of notes, I guess I’m just doomed to be alone forever

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i hate when people say that women should dress more modestly in order to “leave something to the imagination”. leave what to the imagination? what do people think is under my clothes? a mass of algae? memes? shinji ikari?

  • my sister:hey can you recite the preamble to the constitution?
  • me:its not me, its you. actually its the taxidermy of you and me, untie the balloons from around my neck and ground me. im just a racehorse on a track. take me back to the glue factory, always thought id float away and never come back but ive got enough miles on my car to drive the boys home on my own but you know me, i like being all alone and keeping you all alone and the charts are boring and the kids are snoring and the girl’s in a sling and you say youre not listening and i said im wishing and i saiD I SAID

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